2020: A brief summary of the year’s most outstanding projects

Before this strange, atypical year comes to a close, we would like to look back on some of 2020’s most striking projects, which we were very pleased to present. 

WhiteRock Villa Monterrey

Although several different MDi surfaces were used in the design of this exclusive Ibizan villaTouché was really the star feature.

WhiteRock Villa Monterrey stands out for the purity and simplicity that a predominant use of white brings to all its living spaces. Thanks to the design appeal of its modern Mediterranean architecture, it is one of the focal attractions of this internationally famous island. 

A Beverly Hills home

With interiors featuring several different collections from the MDi range, this California mansion manages to combine a stylish contemporary air with a chic trendsetting American charm. 

The heart of this home is its huge terrace, fully designed with the Iseo model. With its blend of functionality and exclusive distinction, it offers versatile uses. 

Dune House

This house was renovated with one clear goal in mind: to integrate it into the surrounding landscape so that the home, the dunes on the beach and the sea all blend into one. 

For this purpose, various different collections from the MDi range were chosen, including Petra, which was used as the main floor covering. Its creamy colour and limestone texture blend in with the sand on the beach, conveying a sensation of peace and tranquillity typical of the Mediterranean coast. 

Restaurante Casa Solla

Prestigious chef Pepe Solla wanted to revamp the kitchen of his Michelin star restaurant, transforming it into an organized space, with well-defined areas where diners could watch the food being prepared. To achieve this, the Vint collection was used to create a space that opens onto the dining room, where the team could move around in coordinated fashion. 

MDi was chosen as the main material for the project, thanks to its hygiene and resistance. 

Paros Residence

This project, presented just a few months ago in Inalcotrends, epitomizes the concept of tranquillity. In this villa on a Greek island, MDi surfaces were used to create a sensation of seamless continuity from inside to out. 

To round it all off, the villa boasts a spacious terrace and infinity pool with breath-taking views of the Aegean Sea. 

Universo Fibra Paseo del Bosque

To end our tour, we stop off in Peru and look back on the renovation project to Fibra Paseo del Bosque building. In these offices, the Touché and Storm collections were combined with other materials, like Amazonian wood or steel, to create settings with a strong architectural allure. 

This brings us to the end of our brief outline of some of 2020’s most noteworthy projects. We hope that 2021 heralds new trends, endless new projects, and a strong emphasis on design. 

Don’t forget that you can send details of your projects to projects@inalco.es.


WhiteRock Villa Monterrey: White Rock Concepts, Patrick Helou Architects, George Fakaros & Bagno Y Bagno

Beverly Hills home: DJR Design Group Beverly Hills & Specceramics

Dune House: Ruben Muedra Architects’ Studio & Adrián Mora Maroto

Restaurante Casa Solla: Gramática Arquitectónica, Comervia & Dispemarca

Paros Residence: Bagno Y Bagno & Stavros Niflis

Edificio Fibra Paseo del Bosque: Collective Architecture Perú & Meglio

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