‘360 house’ or how to create a home with black color

‘360 house’ or how to create a home with black color

A young, successful man who stands tall on his feet, fully aware of his desires and goals. That’s how All In Studio defines the client of their latest project and so they work around these characteristics to capture his personality in his new home.

Home is where the heart is. But what we attach with the term “home”. It’s not a house. It’s something way more. It’s where you find comfort, warmth, understanding, explains Pavel Yanev, founder of All In.

Thus, the plans of the project were adapted to the needs of the client, creating an open space that allowed to carry out all daily activities on the same floor. This gives a sense of freedom and allows natural light to flood the house.

The Azalai collection was chosen as the protagonist, used as the main floor and also on the front of kitchen furniture. Pavel account that it fits perfectly with the personality of the client because it has a style on its own, it is trend setting yet timeless and guarantees added value and exclusivity to the project.

Taking care of yourself, carving out a moment of your day to devote to personal care, is not just a healthy habit, it can become a real ritual for body and mind. Therefore, in the most private areas, such as the bathroom or dressing room, the premise of creating an environment of maximum comfort was worked on.

Finally, the house manages to identify at a glance the character of the person who inhabits it. A house with strength, different, that distills elegance and exclusivity in each room.


Inalco collection: Azalai iSLIMM y Azalai iTOP

Interior design: All In Studio

Kitchen drawers system: Blum

Lighting: Xal

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