Inalco celebrates its 50th anniversary


Inalco is a family business, founded in 1972 in Alcora, a place famous for its long links with ceramics thanks to the foundation of the Royal Pottery & Porcelain Factory in the town back in the 18th century. Even in its early days, Inalco was a manufacturer ahead of its time and this desire to innovate is a legacy that has been handed down, reflected in the company’s know-how and in its very essence.

Our partners all know that Inalco, today, is synonymous with innovation, inspirational appeal, elegance and exclusive distinction. We are specialists in the creation of MDi surfaces infused with high added value, thanks to our philosophy of customer care, quality, ethics and, needless to say, sustainability


We have forged a trailblazing reputation as an innovator for over 20 years, based on our Style-in of our products and our constant bid to excel. This year, we are celebrating 50 years of keeping one step ahead and keeping our eyes set on the future

Beyond Nature is our daily slogan and the company’s identifying hallmark. At Inalco, we take nature as our source of inspiration, developing products conspicuous for their strong natural appeal and outstanding technical characteristics. Beyond Nature also means not resting on our laurels, but, instead, striving to innovate–pushing back the boundaries, with sustainability as our starting point. 

Today, we continue to strive to excellence and to perfect what we do, while also lending equal emphasis to sustainable development. We seek out new goals and new challenges that will continue to delight our partners, creating forward-looking solutions with high added value. 

We would like to thank our partners, our staff, our clients and our suppliers for all their efforts and for placing their confidence in us. Thank you for these 50 years of history. 

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  1. Lulay Natursteinobjekte

    Hello all together,
    congratulations from Lulay, Heppenheim/Germany.
    You are all doing a great job, it`s a pleasure to work with such Business Partners.
    Looking forward to continued good cooperation!
    Celebrate your Anniversary!!!

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