A designer apartment in São Paulo

The design project that we present today is in Aclimação, one of São Paulo’s wealthiest, most select neighbourhoods. It is an apartment by design studio Eloisa Rosseto Interiores, with superb views of the city.

One key factor in the project’s conception was the use of materials with an organic expressive appeal. Through a combination of stone-look Inalco surfaces, real wood, leather and indoor plants, subtle nuances were achieved that are only possible with natural materials

Different MDi surfaces were used in the design of the apartment. Petra was chosen by the design studio for the floors, thanks to its warmth and beauty, while Vint was singled out for the walls of different areas, hence linking up all the settings. 

By opting for a uniform look on the walls, Rosseto could be more daring in the colours and finishes of its careful selection of furniture, lighting and designer objects. A luxury Brazilian look was chosen as the basis for all the apartment’s interiors.

Priority was given to comfort throughout the whole of the project, based on criteria such as harmonious layouts or elicited sensations, conveyed by fabrics and through our sense of touch. 

Every single aspect of this design project is conceived to guarantee a pleasant sensory experience of the exact type required by the client.

Special thanks:

Architecture and Interior design: Eloisa Rosseto Interiores

Distributor and Marble Worker: Mais Revestimentos 

Photographer: Henrique Ribeiro

Wood Work: Florense

Furniture: Breton, Grupo Made 55, Sierra & Madeira Bonita

Marble: Arthus

Lightning: Lustres Irie & Itens

Curtains and Wallpaper:  Alamanda, Willer K Tecidos & Caran Concept

Decoration:  Archiforma & Klimt Arte

Ware and Metals: Maxi Banho  

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