A history of innovation

In our last article we toured the most outstanding projects of the year, today on Inalcotrends we talk about more than a decade of innovation.

2005. IPLUS Digital Technology

It was one of the first turning points in the production process. IPLUS digital technology is based on CMYK ink printing techniques. With IPLUS all types of designs can be printed on the surface with an excellent level of digital definition like never before.

2007. Large formats

Inalco, aware that the surfaces with almost no joints were the future, started innovating to create even larger formats. One of the first formats was the 80 x 80 cm that within the company has evolved to 100 x 100 cm / 39,37″ x 39,37″, up until the planks with slim thickness and extra-large formats 150 x 320 cm / 59″ x 126″.

2009. iSLIMM

After the large format came the thin thickness with iSLIMM (6 mm). This innovation facilitated the handling and placement process, and create unique and highly original settings. On an ecological level it provided energy savings during the production process, a reduction in the amount of fuel needed for manufacturing and transport, plus less packaging and ink.

2012. Reliefs and textures in large formats

Not only are surfaces of unthinkable dimensions and thicknesses created so far, but they are also provided with reliefs and textures to create products of true added value.

2014. iTOP

Two years later Inalco presents iTOP, surfaces with 4, 6, 12 and 20 mm thicknesses and large format 150 x 320 cm / 59 ’’ x 126 ’’ that would end up becoming a key element in the furniture industry. The variety of designs, formats and thicknesses available allows you to design kitchens, bathroom furniture, dining tables, cabinets, doors or almost anything you can imagine. A totally new path opens up for architecture and interior design professionals.

2015. Tecnología Full Digital

In 2015 Inalco became the first company worldwide to develop and manufacture its products with 100% digital technologies, (FULL DIGITAL), which use digital injection systems throughout the production process.

2018 H2O Full Digital

Once again, Inalco is the first company worldwide to implement H2O Full Digital technology.

This innovative technology with water-based inks allows to obtain collections with an extraordinary definition, in addition to being ecological and sustainable with the environment and society, another of the pillars of Inalco’s philosophy.


Innovation is part of our DNA, and we work day by day to continue opening the way to the future. What will this new year hold for us? ✨

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