Designing tables with MDi by Inalco

We have talked on numerous occasions about MDi´s technical properties: resistant to impacts, scratches, thermal contrasts and stains, highly hygienic and easy to clean and care for… We also know its aesthetic features: soft textures, joints dissapear, 360º design inside and outside the piece, wide range of formats, colors, finishes, thicknesses …

All this together with its ease for being transformed make MDi a great ally for architects and interior designers who seek to provide high added-value to their projects, covering walls, floors, kitchens or even designing custom-made furniture for their clients.

Today on Inalcotrends we show you a selection of tables made with different Inalco MDi collections of different sizes and shapes. From large tables for family or friends meetings, to coffee tables whose function is mostly decorative, to tables designed for commercial projects … Let´s imagine and create with Inalco!

  • Dining tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Contract project tables

Special thanks:

Fabbrica Yoshimoto

Cáliz Vázquez Arquitectos

Àlex Giró

YoDezeen Design Studio

Voood Studio

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