Five good reasons for choosing MDi large-format surfaces 

If you’re thinking of doing some kind of refurbishment work or you’re planning a new-build, you’ve probably been wondering how to choose the right surfaces. 

In the above circumstances, it’s important to bear in mind all the advantages that large-format materials offer. Today, in Inalcotrends, we outline some of the benefits of using MDi surfaces in projects

Large-format surfaces are already a well-established trend in home design and a very popular option in interior design. They fit in with a wide variety of settings, whether they have a modern, classic, timeless, minimalist or sober look, and they offer big benefits:

Ventajas superficies MDi gran formato

Added spaciousness

Just as pale colours make rooms look bigger, as mentioned in previous blogs, a more spacious feel can also be achieved by using large-format surfaces. If you want to give a room an airy sense of depth,  MDi will always be a safe bet. 

Greater continuity

Large-format surfaces also ensure a far more continuous appearance. In addition to the visual continuity of the carefully conceived designs of our MDi collections, this effect is boosted by their fewer tile joints, contributing once again to a more spacious feel. 

Ventajas superficies MDi gran formato

Different applications

On top of all this, these surfaces are also highly versatile. They are so easily adaptable and simple to fabricate that they can be used on bathroom and kitchen walls and floors, for fireplaces and countertops and much more. Furniture clad in MDi can even be designed to round off different rooms. Can you think of any other possible uses? With large-format surfaces, anything is possible! 

Ventajas superficies MDi gran formato

Quicker to lay

Because large surface areas can be tiled in just a few sheets and new technological developments have made it swifter and easier to lay them, large-format MDi surfaces save on time and resources. 

Unbeatable technical performance

In the worlds of architecture and interior design, there is a high demand for surfaces that are not just visually appealing but also resistant, versatile, easy to clean and totally hygienic. Our 160x320cm large-format MDi collections meet all these requirements, making them the perfect solution.

Ventajas de las superficies MDi de gran formato
Ventajas de las superficies MDi de gran formato

If this format doesn’t fit in with your project and you need a more specific one, Inalco also offers the possibility of SSC (Special Service for Customers). With SSC, you can choose the format best suited to your needs or we can even design a fully bespoke collection for you. 

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