Àgora València: A designer and sustainable space made with MDi by Inalco

This week’s highlight was the presentation of ‘Àgora València’: a project by Valencia City Council in collaboration with World Design Capital Valencia 2022, with the support of Inalco, Wandegar, Valencia Provincial Council and La Marina.

The project–a flagship in the field of design and sustainability–will remain open to the public from June to December so as to offer society a closer insight into Valencian design and local talent.

During this period, in addition to an exhibition area, differing activities will be held at ‘Àgora València’, including forums for professionals, companies and other bodies from the design sector, hence transforming it into the focal point of World Design Capital Valencia 2022’s programme of events.

View of the ‘Àgora València’ space from the outside

In the construction of this 350mpavilion, avant-garde design will be united with traditional, artisanal and industrial influences using just two materials: MDi and flexible strips of wood

The structure will be clad in MDi by Inalco, fixed in place with a system developed by Wandegar. The MDi panels will be fitted perpendicular to the façade to filter the light during the day.

The big sculptural feature used as a ceiling will be made by falla artist Manolo García. It will simulate the waves of the Mediterranean Sea in allusion to the city’s role as a historical melting pot for different cultures. 

View of the ‘Àgora València’ space from the inside

Architect and World Design Capital project director Miguel Arraiz will be responsible for the technical side, in conjunction with the firm Arqueha Arquitectura y Urbanismo. Interior design studio Cosín Estudio will also provide consultancy advice in the pavilion’s design.

MDi is the key to the pavilion’s sustainability, thanks to the high eco-friendly properties of these surfaces. MDi (Minerals, Design, innovation) is a range of fully sustainable products, thanks to the use of 50% recycled material in the production process.

Furthermore, through the use of Full Digital technology–the only one of its kind in the sector worldwide–70% savings on water consumption are achieved and no solvents that might release pollutant emissions are used.

When the pavilion is dismantled in 2023, ‘Àgora València’ will be moved to a permanent site at La Marina in Valencia, an area earmarked for the city’s future Design District.

Institutional presentation of ‘Àgora València’ on the balcony of València Town Hall

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