All in One, a vision of nature through technology

Whether they are large or small, work spaces should always be comforting. 

This is the description that prefaces “All in One Barcelona”, a design project by Francesc Rifé Studio for CaixaBank Group’s new flagship building. Through its architecture, the worlds of finance and gastronomy have been combined. 

This ground-breaking 3,000m2 space is divided into three levels, all with a shared sense of aesthetics. Its catering facilities, business areas and auditorium all feature natural materials as a linking thread.

The Iseo collection by Inalco was chosen for the floors, since its stone design fits in perfectly with the project’s intended natural links.

The cafe is run by the Torres brothers, well-known chefs with two Michelin stars under their belt. As its name–”Natural”–indicates, the cafe aspires to offer a culinary experience that unites healthy food with high added value. 

To tie in further with the natural world, two curved LED screens have been incorporated, where scenes of different landscapes are shown in the style of digital windows onto the outside world.

All in One is far more than just a modern building. It is a vision of nature through technology.

Architecture: Francesc Rifé Studio

Photos: David Zarzoso

Furniture: By Blasco & Vila, Carmenes, Omelette Editions & Kendo, supplied by Bernadí, in addition to customized designs by Francesc Rifé

Lighting: Arkoslight

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