Ariston Café, a place to be in Apulia, Italy

We are the most connected society in history, but it is also a reality that we are one of the most stressed. Our rhythm of life consumes us and sometimes it seems complicated just to… stop. Precisely this is the goal of this project by Imma Digregorio: Stop time, take a break, however short, and feed your body and soul.

Therefore, the design of this gelateria / cafeteria is divided into two clearly-marked areas by two MDi Inalco collections, Iseo and Storm. Iseo, used in its iSLIMM version as flooring and in its iTOP version as a bar, welcomes customers and invites them to choose their favorite ice cream. Storm collection in Negro colour is the main star in the service area, where, together with other materials and a careful lighting, invites rest, or in the words of the architect herself, to “freeze time in this specific space.”

Digregorio combines Storm with wood, glass, a studied and dim lighting, and plants with the intention to provide the feeling of being in a small outdoor and indoor terrace where you can relax and disconnect: “Because a pause, either for a coffee, an ice cream or something else, should allow to take a break from the hectic rhythm of the day and enjoy the calmness of that moment”.


Project: Ariston café

Location: Santeramo in colle, Apulia, Italy

Interior Design / Architecture Studio: Imma Digregorio Architetto

Inalco collections: Iseo and Storm

Distributor: Edil Habitat Quartarella

Photographer: Marcello Altamura

Lighting: Flos, Vibia

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