Atalaia, a whole new approach to simplicity

Atalaia is inspired by beaches of white sand and their calm, soothing effect. With its subtle veins and material-like appearance, this is a collection brimming with personality. 


Thanks to the character and luminosity of its uniform shade, Atalaia brings a whole new meaning to the concept of simplicity. This is further enhanced by the directionality of its design and its exquisite micro-textures, which marry its relief pattern with its printed details. 

Atalaia’s matt finish brings an air of beauty to living spaces of all kinds, while its smooth surface adds a touch of purity, simplicity and elegance. This is a collection conceived to seduce you with its appearance and captivate you with its feel. 

The collection’s timeless design is perfect for creating interiors with a calm, restful feel or exteriors that invite you to wind down and relax. The ideal backcloth for living spaces of all kinds, Atalaia’s colour is matchable with almost anything, making this a highly versatile choice. Indeed, surfaces clad in Atalaia can also be used as decorative features.

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