Bathrooms with design appeal for 2022: four inspirational ideas

Kitchens and living rooms are always described as being the heart of the home. In saying this, we often overlook a living space that is coming to acquire new relevance in homes: the bathroom.

This is not just because bathrooms are now sanctums for de-stressing and chilling out after a long day, but also due to the importance of their interior design. The days when bathrooms were simple functional rooms for personal hygiene purposes are long gone. Today, architects and interior designers pay close attention to detail in the design of these living spaces. 

This week, in Inalcotrends, we present a series of bathrooms to inspire you in the creation of your own bathroom projects. It doesn’t matter whether your idea of a bathroom is a modern, classical, elegant or bold-looking one. To design the bathroom of your dreams, you can choose from a multitude of possible options and a myriad of MDi collections by Inalco.

Architect Laura Rocha chose our Storm collection to design this spacious bathroom, using an overarching total look to suffuse it with all the restful beauty synonymous with natural surfaces.

In this setting by Pure Mess Design, the Iseo collection takes pride of place, combined with real wood features to guarantee warmth and elegance. 

The team at Rubén Muedra Architects’ Studio opted for a modern, minimalist look. Touché and Storm were used in tandem with natural materials to create a bathroom oozing with chic sophistication. 

Last but not least, Stones & Walls used our Geo and Petra collections to create a cosy yet elegant bathroom–an enticing setting to relax and revel in its exquisite design. 

These are the ideas we came up with for today. What about the bathrooms projects that you create with MDi? Send us photos of your projects to

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