Dream bedrooms designed with MDi

Kitchens are always said to be the heart of any home, but we often overlook another room that is equally important–if not even more so–, where most hours of the day are spent. 

We are talking about the bedroom: a room that might be regarded as each person’s own private refuge, conceived to ensure total rest and relaxation.

In bedroom design, there are endless different interior design trends to choose from, depending on individual tastes and requirements. Today in our blog, we present a selection of bedrooms designed with MDsurfaces so that you can use them as a  source of inspiration to decide how you would like your bedroom to look.

The first is based on the total look design concept, using the Petra collection for both the walls and floor of the bedroom. This option is one of the most aesthetically pleasing, since it creates a sensation of harmony and balance. 

What’s more, the same collection in different formats can be used to infuse settings with added dynamism, as in this project by Sofiia Zhurko and Olena Oliinyk.

If you prefer, you can also combine different collections with other materials to create a room with a chic, sophisticated air, as with this bedroom at Villa Ibiza. In it, real wood has been combined with the Touché and Storm Negro collections to achieve a minimalist modern allure. 

If, on the other hand, you prefer a bedroom with a colour spectrum based on shades of just one colour, this room by MOPS Studio will definitely inspire you. In it, earthy shades have been used as a linking thread,with the MDi Geo collection as the perfect choice for the walls of a bedroom with a warm, timeless appeal. 

Last but not least, we would also like to remind you that Inalco offers the possibility of specially developed bespoke collections through our SSC (Special Service for Customers). This bedroom at Morning Breeze is a good example of a bespoke surface specially created for this exclusive design project. 

Now that you have seen our selection of different alternatives, which is the one for you? Use our social networks to describe your dream bedroom to us!

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