Beyond Nature. The future is our present

Welcome to Beyond Nature.

Since its foundation, nearly 50 years ago, Inalco has always aspired to go one step beyond. Through a combination of innovation, creativity and a bid to improve on existing materials, we develop ground-breaking surfaces and solutions for the architecture and interior design sectors, conspicuous for their eco-friendly properties.

We all know that MDi is natural, with its natural ingredients and nature as its source of inspiration. However, in reality, it is even better, because by taking advantage of technology and new innovations, we go beyond nature by improving on it.

We do not simply observe a glacier in the distance. Instead, we explore its entrails. We do not simply regard at a volcano from afar. Instead, we journey across its crater. This is what we do with almost any possible landscape on the planet–and not only on Earth but even beyond, because now we have set our sights on other parts of the firmament for certain new launches, like the Meteora or Moon collections. 

Beyond Nature is a new slogan that defines us and our forthcoming product launches.

It describes a whole new way of doing things, where rather than just creating new surfaces, we seek a new framework for developing solutions and good ideas for our international partners.

It is a whole new way of doing things that can make the most demanding dreams come true. 

The best way to predict the future is to work toward creating it. That is why, for us, the future is our present. We want you to accompany us and find out that, with Inalco, it is possible to go one step beyond.

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