Black and white never go out of fashion

Black and white are always on-trend in interior decoration, and even though they may be very basic colours, you can never go wrong with this choice. The fact is that when they are combined in the right way, they not only improve the quality of light but also increase the sense of spaciousness, and can turn a simple room into an understated modern space.

The main attributes of the use of black in interior design are sophistication and elegance. It is a colour that tends to stylize spaces and its use in interiors adds a chic touch as well as distinction. In addition, decoration in shades of black also evokes a sense of prestige, as black is synonymous with luxury and exclusivity.

In contrast, shades of white evoke luminosity and help to create convivial spaces with a great sense of order and purity. A white room can be warm and welcoming as well as minimalist or futurist – everything depends on the décor you choose to complement the space.

Inalco has a considerable number of collections that feature these shades in their colour palettes. You might opt for Silk if you want a single-colour finish that is bound to hit the right tone, or perhaps Fibre if you prefer a more contemporary design. If you’re thinking about a collection inspired by marble, you’re likely to choose either Larsen, Syros or Touché, while if you’re looking for a stone finish full of character we suggest the Azalai, Storm and Bloom collections.

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