Camouflaged hidden doors

hidden doors

Doors are an indispensable feature of homes: they separate different living spaces and help to provide privacy. Even though they are sometimes overlooked, doors can make a very big visual difference in the design of a home. 

Today, in Inalcotrends, we will turn the spotlight on hidden doors; that is, doors whose design merges in so well that they can even be camouflaged in a wall. This kind of door lends homes a more stylish, modern, distinguished appearance. 

As you can see, it’s easier than you might think to camouflage a door to merge in with the surrounding surface. Our MDi collections are so versatile that they can also be used as cladding on doors, such as these doors by Rimadesio from the Moon collection, designed with Meteora, Jasper and Petra. Even their handles are made of MDi for maximum visual continuity.

Walls with integrated doors that stretch from the floor to the ceiling are perfect for creating this effect, helping to infuse the whole home with a calm restful feel, especially when neutral colours are used. 

Glass doors are a brilliant way of taking advantage of the available natural light, creating a greater sense of continuity and more seamless transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. They are perfect for terraces because they amplify the size of adjoining indoor areas and enhance them visually. What’s more, if sliding doors are used, no space is wasted. 

Not only can doors to rooms be ‘invisible’. Cupboard doors of all kinds can be camouflaged to merge into the surroundings, both in kitchens and other living spaces. They also boost the whole home’s aesthetic appeal. 

In a nutshell, hidden doors add a highly personal, unique touch to homes. Flexibility and versatility are key factors in creating homes with a highly original personal hallmark. 

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