Casa Decor 2021: MDi, design and trends

If you love interior design and decoration, then you should know that there is an unmissable event taking place in Madrid over the next few weeks: the annual edition of Casa Decor is being held at the Tomás Allende House between 13 May and 27 June.

This venue, located in the emblematic Plaza de Canalejas, is notable for its pioneering format based on the renovation of historic buildings in the city centre, allowing the leading professionals in the sector to give free rein to their creativity.

Following the annual tradition, more than 200 participants, including architects, interior design studios, artisans and associated companies, will be showcasing the latest furniture, materials and innovations, providing a prelude of everything that will be setting the trends in the coming seasons.

A standout among these exhibitors is our partner Dica, who has chosen to show a kitchen and dining area with Inalco’s MDi collections. In this welcoming space, they have used Petra for the kitchen tabletop and countertop, while in the living room they have opted for Meteora to clad the furniture and side table. Dica has also created a bathroom area where the Silk collection has been used to create an elegant and attractive washbasin feature.

In general terms, the main focus of the participants in this edition of Casa Decor has been on organic materials and natural textures and finishes. Earthy tones and a timeless colour palette define a trend that will make itself felt strongly next year.

The combination of artisan products and technology is another feature worth highlighting. Designers have taken nature as a source of inspiration, using it as a base for coming up with more futurist solutions focused on the needs of modern-day housing.

So now you know – if you are in Madrid in the next few weeks, be sure to visit this emblematic example of Madrid’s urban architecture and discover the incredible settings housed within its exhibition space of more than 5,000 square metres. 

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