Pepe Solla renovates his restaurant with MDi by Inalco

Pepe Solla is one of the best chefs on the national scene. He has been in charge of Casa Solla for years, the first Galician restaurant to obtain a Michelin star. Today in Inalcotrends we enter your kitchen to learn about the renovation that was carried out with Inalco MDi collections.

Teresa, of Gramática Arquitectónica and head of the project, explains that they were looking for a kitchen treatment seen towards the dining room: “studying the case, we realized that we had to solve the different views that were produced from the space, so we start by ordering the different furniture for different functions and we look for a uniform treatment for walls and floors”.

With this goal Teresa and Pepe Solla chose Nobuk collection for furniture design and Vint collection for other surfaces.

Precisely, the kitchen walls are a space for creativity, in them you can write ideas and recipes on the Vint collection surface and erase them when necessary: “this generates a giant slate of ideas where chefs can communicate with each other the different processes that happen within the showcooking ”.

As Teresa tells us, seeing that staging, almost theatrical, acquires a special dimension after the reform. “Now you can see an orderly kitchen, with defined spaces, in which its characters move in coordination and in which the idea of showcooking, laboratory and scenery is enhanced.”

Technical information:

Project: Restaurante Casa Solla

Location: Poio, Pontevedra, España

Inalco collections: Vint iSLIMM, Nobuk iTOP

Interior design: Gramática Arquitectónica

Distributor: Comervia y Dispemarca

Marble worker: Marmolería Suarez y Ramón García

Photographer: Luis Díaz Díaz

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