Gastronomy and interior design: two key factors in the catering industry

When we choose a restaurant to dine out, we don’t just think about the kind of food we want to eat. It’s equally important to eat in pleasant surroundings where we feel relaxed and at ease. 

More and more restaurants and bars pay careful attention to the design of their interiors, taking into account every single detail of their décor so as to ensure an all-round experience. Nowadays, restaurants not only strive to offer tiptop service and cuisine, but also a unique setting for diners to delight in both the dishes and the surroundings.

Tast Restaurant, with the Larsen collection

The décor, the tableware, the tables and chairs, the bar counter and, above all, the cuisine must all help to reflect the restaurant’s identity. For instance, a restaurant specializing in traditional cuisine will stand out for its classic elegance, while an eatery that serves homestyle cooking will probably have certain features conceived to lend it a rustic appeal, such as wood beams. 

Lighting is another key factor in the design of a restaurant’s interiors because a restaurant specializing in home cooking will need different lighting from one that aspires to offer an intimate setting for couples.

Casa Solla Restaurant, with the Vint collection

It’s also important to innovate, not just in the restaurant’s cuisine but also in its interior design. Designing the right backdrop, setting the scene and triggering certain emotions in diners when they enter the restaurant are all essential factors to bear in mind since they play a major role in guaranteeing a truly memorable experience. 

To create such beautifully designed settings where all these factors are taken into account, it is fundamental to be able to count on top-quality materials. Because our MDi collections are specially conceived to appeal to the senses, they are the perfect tool in the design of restaurants of all kinds, transforming eating into a whole new adventure. 

Today we’ve showed you some examples of restaurants designed with MDi, where the beauty and versatility of these materials can easily be appreciated. Don’t forget to visit our website where you can check out all our surfaces and their applications and different finishes. 

BAR X Restaurant, with the Moon collection

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