Clínica Bastida: A dental surgery designed with MDi

The project featured today in Inalcotrends is a 400m2 dental surgery located in a busy avenue in the city of Vigo. The surgery, Clínica Bastida, was designed by EQUIPOEME design studio. 

In the refurbishment of the premises, a series of extensive, very precise requirements had to be met. The dental centre had to have two interconnected yet totally different areas: one private staff area and another public one for the surgery’s patients. 

To highlight this difference between both parts, different materials and textures were chosen. The Touché collection by Inalco was selected for the work areas, while organic materials and features like wood and plants were combined with the Storm collection in the reception and waiting room

Inalco surfaces were the perfect choice for this project, not just for their strong visual appeal and stylish finishes, but also for their outstanding technical performance. Because MDi collections are anti-bacterial and totally hygienic, they are very popular in the construction of clinics and medical centres, where cleanliness and disinfection are absolute priorities

Special thanks:

Inalco collections: Storm & Touché

Design: Equipoeme

Photographs: Pablo Araújo

Graphic design: Plan B

Lighting: Led Bcn & B.Lux 

Furniture: Enea, Mdd, Systemtronic, Inclass & Equipoeme

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