Living rooms cosier than ever before


Living rooms are one of the areas of the home where equal priority is given to privacy, free time, relaxation, and moments shared with the family and friends. That’s why it’s so important for these rooms to have a warm, welcoming design so that you feel genuinely at ease there. 

Today in Inalcotrends, we present a selection of particularly snug-looking living rooms, designed with MDi by Inalco. All four are superb sources of inspiration.

A fireplace for a more homely feel

A fireplace adds a magical touch of warmth to living rooms, perfect for the autumn and winter seasons. MDi is ideal for cladding fireplaces of all kinds, given its resistance to high temperature, with designs specially conceived to bring a snugger, more comfortable feel to homes. 

Cosy minimalism project

Superior materials and excellent design 

When mixes of materials like wood, MDi and soft, pleasant fabrics are used in living rooms, the outcome is so comfy that you’ll never want to leave them. It’s also important to remember that the emphasis in today’s approach to design is on excellence: visually, technically and in terms of sustainability

Penthouse Park Residence project

Mediterranean warmth

This is a particularly warm, welcoming style, particularly suited to living rooms. Precedence is given to white and cream colours, combined with natural materials like wood or rattan, in addition to plenty of natural light

IPORANGA project by Laura Rocha

Outdoor living spaces

What could be better than to while away the evening with the family and friends while revelling in the views from your outdoor living area! To infuse these spaces with an even homelier appeal, furniture made of natural materials should be used, with warm colours and, if possible, an outdoor fireplace

Villa San Mateo project

How do these living rooms strike you? Don’t forget the main keys to making your living room cosier than ever before: the lighting; warm colours; natural sustainable, materials, and nature as a source of inspiration

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