De Bon Guss, grill passion

When Guss acquired a new location to expand and reform his restaurant, he knew that the grill should be the key element in the new distribution. How to accomplish that was the creative work of designers Álex Giró and Elisabet Rius, who articulates the project to make it the center of everything and, in addition, opening it all to the dining-room. Therefore, previously closed spaces were opened, with only a visual division, with the grill as the connecting link.

Another element that works uniting the spaces is MDi by Inalco, as Masai Piedra collectionwas used as flooring throughout the restaurant. Its stone-like design emulates a conglomerate of small minerals and brings a natural touch to the project. The rest of the decorative elements follow a more minimalist approach, such as the fully domotized LED lighting or wrought iron framed windows.

On both the countertop beside the grill and on the restaurant tables we find the Storm Negro collection in its iTOP version. In the first case, straight lines draw the boundaries of the kitchen, while the rounded restaurant tables prove the versatility of iTOP products. Another example of this advantage is found in the bathrooms, where walls, floor and washbasins have been redesigned with the Masai collection.

De Bon Guss and the team of Álex Giró and Elisabet Rius have created an interior design that invite diners to feel at home, with a chef cooking the fresh products before their very eyes and with a minimalist and cozy design. A place to enjoy the gastronomic experience offered and where to invest one of our most precious goods, time.

Special thanks:

Project: De Bon Guss

Geographical location: Tarragona (Barcelona), Spain

Interior design: Álex Giró and Elisabet Rius

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