Summer Special: Designer Pools for 2021

August is approaching, the month best associated with holidays. If you still haven’t had the break you’ve been longing for, today in Inalcotrends, we give you a few ideas to add to your summer wish list. 

When this time of year comes round, it’s an undisputed fact that nothing could be better than a refreshing dip in the pool–even more so if its design has nothing to do with typical blue mosaic pools!

Fortunately, thanks to MDi, it’s now possible to unify the design of your home, terrace and swimming pool. Because MDi is resistant to impacts, stains and sharp temperature changes and it includes non-slip collections, it’s perfect for creating those outdoor areas of the home that you’ve always longed for. We’d like to offer you a few sources of inspiration so that you can start work on designing the pool of your dreams.

We start with Villa San Matteo, an idyllic holiday home where nothing has been left to chance. A few weeks ago, we described the whole home as a paradise and, needless to say, its swimming pool lives up to the same standard. 

Villa San Matteo. Paly Architects & MANOS KYPRITIDIS.

Another awesome option is Oriol House‘s swimming pool, made with the Petra collection. This acts as a nexus, not only linking up the home with the terrace, but also with the pool’s interiors. Even the stepswere custom-made and they seem to merge with the water.

Oriol House. Rubén Muedra Estudio de arquitectura.

If you want your terrace to be the centre of attention and for your swimming pool not to go unnoticed by anyone, you can emulate the following project and combine various collections from the MDi range. The outdoor kitchen was made with the Storm collection, while Fusion was used for the swimming pool, both providing the perfect backdrop for long summer days at home. 

JC Residência. Studio MH.

Lastly, some swimming pools also act as decorative features of outdoor spaces, like this one at El Telar de Miguel Martí. In this case, a bespoke SSC (Special Service for Customers) collection was designed for the project. 

El Telar de Miguel Martí.

As you can see, there are many different ways of creating stylish, functional pools. These are just a few examples. We suggest you visit the section where our non-slip collections are featured, where you can see all the available models. If you can’t find the right one for you, you can always ask us to create a bespoke design specially for you. 

What are you waiting for? It’s time for a dip!

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