Designing fireplaces with MDi by Inalco

Minerals, Design, innovation … MDi is a high technical and aesthetic qualities material. By using Full Digital technology throughout the whole production process, total control over the design is guaranteed, combined with an amazing definition and an unparalleled smooth feel. Through the use of 360º design, each new creation’s inner core and outer surface are fully integrated to ensure visual continuity between the two.

It is precisely because of these qualities that architecture and interior design professionals appreciate including it in their projects. On Inalcotrends we have seen it creating tables, façades, exteriors… Today we show you some examples of another element that can be designed with MDi: fireplaces. Thanks to its resistance to high temperatures and thermal contrasts, its easy handling and, of course, its wide variety of finishes, it becomes the ideal option for the design of fireplaces in projects where beauty, functionality and, as it cannot be otherwise, added value are paramount.

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