MDi’s broad potential and select appeal feature at Dica’s new showroom

A new exclusive, cosmopolitan space, created through a combination of functionality and attention to detail. This is how our partner Dica describes its new showroom: an elegant display area featuring a carefully chosen selection of MDi collections.

On display there is the latest collection by Dica, conceived to infuse today’s modern homes with added value through furniture that interacts to create functional settings. 

The Astral collection has been used throughout the whole showroom on both the walls and floors, acting as a backcloth in the design of each living space. 

Dica‘s new showroom demonstrates the broad-ranging potential that MDi offers by showcasing some of its different applications: as cladding on furniture, table tops, decorative features, fireplaces and, needless to say, in kitchens. 

UmbraMeteoraMoon and Larsen were the collections that were chosen. Although each one has a style all of its own, they all share one common denominator: their amazing versatility in the creation of settings with a timeless, select, cosmopolitan appeal. 

See photos of Dica’s new showroom: 

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