Dukhan, a new take on a classic


Dukhan breaks new ground in MDi digital textures. The series reinterprets and improves on a classic natural rock (porphyry), uniting its visual characteristics with a unique texture and outstanding technical properties

This is a superb choice for those in search of truly unique materials, thanks to its captivating eye-catching appearance and its smooth natural feel. 

Dukhan stands out for its purity, its unique design and the striking impact that it makes wherever it is used. This is a collection conceived to help unify indoor and outdoor areas or to differentiate spaces through the creation of distinctive eye-catching items of furniture or innovative kitchen worktops. For designers in search of materials that offer freedom and versatility, this is the perfect ally. 

Dukhan’s versatility lies in its choice of different thicknesses. The touch of personality that it affords is then a question of individual creativity and how it is mixed and matched with other materials. 

The perfect choice for those seeking to make a truly singular impact through a new take on a classic.

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