El Môderne Hotel: art déco and MDi in the heart of the city

It could be New York, but you can feel the fresh breeze of the Cantabrian sea, the scent of the salt, the petrichor … Is Gijón, a modern, independent, bourgeois, sophisticated Gijón…it’s El Môderne.

Its name describes already the emblematic building where it is, an architectural gem of Manuel del Busto where this 4-star reference in the city comes to life. It consists of 47 elegant and restrained rooms and a Bar & Champagne whose design accompanies the rest, invites to be.

Its careful selection of materials involves choosing the Inalco MDi collections Iseo, Touché and Storm to dress some of its areas. Gray, White and Black respectively star in a neutral, timeless color palette, in which nothing is above anything, but everything creates a set where elegance and comfort prevail.

El Môderne aims to provide the city with the cosmopolitan spirit characteristic of the great capitals. As they say from the hotel itself: “little New York, little London … the big Gijón.”

Special thanks:

El Môderne Hotel

Location: C/ Marqués de San Esteban, 27. Gijón / Asturias / Spain

Inalco collections: Iseo Gris Bush-hammered, Storm Negro Natural, Touché Super blanco-gris Natural

Distributor: Rocasa

Architecture: Ballina Y Canal Arquitectos

Interior design: Miguel Pando Interiorismo

Photographer: Salva López

Builder: construcciones Los Campos

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