Emotional interior design: the influence of design on wellbeing


Are you fully aware how much your home’s interior design and the layout of its components impact on your wellbeing? The beauty of living spaces has been shown to influence the psychological and emotional wellbeing of the people who live in them.

The latest trend is to create versatile living spaces with a cosier, more welcoming, comfortable feel. Although each of us has our own personal style, some common factors can boost our capacity for expression as individuals and our sense of wellbeing in the home. Today in Inalcotrends, we talk about a new trend in interior design: emotional interior design

Colours and shades play an essential role in emotional interior design. Warm, natural colour spectrums lower stress levels and boost our creativity, as do organic shapes, both in the home’s architectural features and in its furniture. As mentioned in previous blogs, warm earthy shades should be used for the home’s “base” colours, with the occasional dash of colour (such as green, in the plants and furniture or through moss-green surfaces). 

The layout of all the different features is also a form of individual expression. We all arrange things in different ways, and it’s important for each person to be true to their own style and to what makes them feel good. At the same time, neat, well-organized living spaces with nothing superfluous are equally fundamental. Tidiness and minimalism ensure peace of mind

Natural materials and visually appealing, pleasant feeling textures are increasingly popular. Nature triggers positive emotions and pleasant textures help to reinforce these feelings. One good example would be to combine warm-coloured MDi surfaces in a bush-hammered finish with rattan or wood furniture. 

Emotional interior design unites art with design, seeking beauty in the imperfect. If we apply this concept to the home, our living spaces will stand out for their beauty and originality, while also helping to boost our sense of wellbeing. 

Wellbeing, beauty and a healthy environment are three priorities in today’s interior design. Comfort is of the essence, and that’s why it’s so important to find the right style and the perfect design, creating a comfortable, cosy haven. Don’t forget, everything you feel impacts on your wellbeing.


Morning Beeze by Mónica Armani

Pool House by l i n e a a r q u i t e c h s

3L Residences by Sofiia Zhurko & Olena Oliinyk

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