Empire State of Mind

To show you today’s project, we travel to Rumania. Empire State of Mind is an idyllic apartment refurbished by interior design studio Ioka Design.

The apartment was originally built in about the year 2000. The client wished to revamp all its interiors, lending it a new innovative, timeless charisma. The challenge for the interior designers was to transform the apartment into a brand new home by changing all the materials, light sources and finer details.

For this purpose, large-format MDi surfaces were chosen to decorate the different bathrooms and the living area and to design the kitchen. Touché was one of the selected collections since it fitted in very well with the dark wood in the living room and it also infused the other living spaces where it was used with light and harmony. 

Senda was another of the collections that was chosen for the project, used on the walls and floors of the main bathroom. A subtle, delicate stone-effect collection in shades of grey, it blended in to perfection with all the bathroom’s other features. 

All this skilful architectural and interior design work led to Empire State of Mind: a project with meticulous attention to detail that reflects all the intrinsic qualities of MDi, since its application in the apartment’s different living spaces once again demonstrates how versatile and easy to handle these materials are. 


Architecture & interior design: Iulia Oniciuc & Camina Zerva at Ioka Design

Photography: Ioka Design

Furniture: Hay (dining chairs and armchairs), Lago (dining table), MenuSpace (stools), Hem (divan), Ditre (main bed), Candy (sofa) and bespoke furniture for the kitchen, living room and bathrooms. 

Lighting: Vesoi (living room lighting)

Distributor: SSAB

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