Façades with MDi by Inalco

We all know about the benefits of MDi: impact, stripe, thermical constrasts and ultraviolet rays resistant…But maybe sometimes we don’t think about the large number of uses that it has (precisely thanks to these benefits).

Today on Inalcotrends we show you some examples of MDi façades in different formats and collections. Used in façade systems, MDi help insulate buildings and optimize the energy needed to heat or cool their interiors. Furthermore, its use in ventilated façades offers multiple benefits. 

  • You will save energy, because the system optimize the use of the load-bearing wall’s thermal lag. Thus in both winter and summer, the environmental temperature outside the building will have less impact on its interiors.
Ground iSLIMM collection façade
  • It eliminates thermal bridges. An air gap is created between the original façade and the MDi, ensuring a “chimney effect”, via which air circulating inside the gap expels any hot air that enters by pushing it upwards. This is due, particularly in summer, to the fact that cold air is denser and so it weighs more than hot air.
Masai iSLIMM collection façade. A project by Sara de la Mata
  • You will have a house with less expansion by the building, by eliminating sharp temperature swings. The system protects the inner face of the building envelope and structure from atmospheric agents, preventing the appearance of damp and corrosion, among others.
Petra iSLIMM collection façade, door and ramp. A project by maarquitectura
  • You will gain space inside the building by reducing the width of the necessary insulation and supporting wall.
Pacific collection façade. A project by Casas&Reformas and ByD Marbella Home
  • You will can customize your façade, thanks to the wide variety of MDi designs and formats.
Pacific collection façade
Touché collection façade. A project by Living Water Taiwán

All these benefits facilitate the creation of eco and people-friendly sustainable buildings. Sustainability has always been an implicit feature of good architecture.

Discover more about our environmental policy here.

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