Fluorite Essence

Today on Inalcotrends we travel to Brazil to discover the space of interior designer Alexandre Cardim in ‘Mostra Artefacto’, a reference point on interior design and decoration in the country.

Alexandre proposes an open space where white stands as a key piece of the project. This time he chooses Inalco’s Fluorite iSLIMM collection with a double objective: on the one hand, providing a vintage but modern touch; on the other, enhance the light and spaciousness of the room.

In this same way, he choose the furniture also in light tones, giving some strokes of color through the decoration of Sotao de Madame or the original artworks of Tarsila do Amaral.

Lighting by Lumini is integrated into the ceiling, respecting the loft appearance and avoiding elements that “hinder” the eye.

The result is a pleasant and spacious residence where the different areas are integrated into a unique one without losing its main essence.

Special thanks:

Architecture and interior design: Alexandre Cardim

Distributor: Mais Revestimentos

Builder: Baggio & Carvalho

Photographer: Marcio Irala

Furniture: Artefacto

Lighting: Lumini

Curtains: Amorim

Decoration: Sotao de Madame

Artworks: originales de Tarsila do Amaral

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