Four kitchens, four MDi designs

Kitchens have become the home’s main social hub, where as well as cooking, we also chat, meet up and share those special moments. 

Thanks to differing design trends, endless potential is offered for creating the living space round which our day-to-day life revolves. Kitchen-diners are increasingly popular nowadays as a means of creating spacious open-plan living spaces with no barriers. 

In the design of such areas, it is important to regard them as warm spaces with equal emphasis on functionality. Today, in Inalcotrends, we introduce you to four inspiring kitchens, all incoporating MDi iTOP by Inalco.

Iseo kitchen by SPACIO Arquitectura

Inspired by pure, unadulterated natural materials, Iseo is a surface from a collection that encapsulates all the charm and variety of nature in up-to-the-minute style. Combined with the Storm Gris collection as flooring, the outcome is a chic, sophisticated kitchen. 

Meteora kitchen by Daniel Werner

The Meteora collection is the star feature of this project. Its striking design, combined with touches of gold throughout the whole space, breaks away from the general use of black and white. The end result is an exquisite, functional kitchen with high design appeal.

Pacific kitchen by Britt Van Namen Interieurarchitect

The Pacific collection is inspired by the sea’s soothing motion, with subtle veins that transmit a restful feel synonymous with nature. 

The Belgian architect decided to combine it with wood and touches of vegetation to create a kitchen that exudes peace and elegance.

Umbra kitchen by Koelking & Wobbe 

A ground-breaking option for living spaces with character: this is Umbra, the MDi collection chosen by Koelking & Wobbe to create a distinctive, unconventional kitchen with minute attention to detail. 

Special thanks:

Iseo kitchen: Spacio Arquitectura & Practicasa

Meteora kitchen: Daniel Werner & Hendrik Biegs

Pacific kitchen: Britt Van Namen Interieurarchitect & Aperture 8.6 Fotografie

Umbra kitchen: Koelking & Wobbe & Thomas Wiuf Schwartz

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