Four MDi kitchens with four different styles

The iTOP color palette offers more than forty finishings to architecture and interior design professionals. From the purest whites to collections in black tones, or with warm and neutral tones. In addition, its resistance to thermal contrasts, shocks and scratches, make it the ideal material to design a dream-come-true kitchen. Today on Inalcotrends we show you several kitchens made with totally different styles of iTOP.

Pure white

This kitchen designed by Thailand´s Inly Studio stands out for the absolute prominence of the Touché Super Blanco-Gris collection, used as flooring, as top and fronts of the kitchen island and also in a beautiful backsplash with its bookmatch version.

Photographies: Sakon Chaophraeknoi

Azalai Negro Natural

We go from one end to the other of our color palette to visit this kitchen where the protagonist is now the Azalai collectionPure-Mess Design ‘s clients chose it for its elegant and exclusive character and for its timeless design.

Photographer: Andrei Tudoran

Stone style

In this case, Belgian architect Daniel Werner shows us this exquisite work with the Iseo Gris collection. Its stone-like design and bush hammered finish help convey nature. The contrast with the pure white and gold of the taps and profiles create an atmosphere of true sophistication.

Photographies: Cafeine

Pin-up style

José Agenjo´s clients for this kitchen wanted it to be retro with a pin-up touch. With this goal in mind, a wall with a checkerboard design was proposed, achieving the desired style with the decoration. The Silk collection in Negro colour was chosen for the countertop and kitchen island, central axis of the remodelation and meeting point of the home.

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