Goya Project: An exclusive apartment with a laid-back feel

We welcome in the month of September from Brazil, with a spectacular refurbishment project carried out by Eloisa Rosseto Interiores.

Goya Project is a 180m² deluxe apartment in the heart of Sâo Paulo and a brilliant exponent of the versatility of MDi.

From the entrance to the apartment, its chic sophistication is evident. The Storm collection, used as the main floor covering and also on some walls, fits in with the home’s modern architectural design, lending all its living spaces a sense of continuity.

Presiding over the living room is a big fireplace clad in Storm, incorporating shelves and a stand for the television. The furniture and décor help to create a modern yet cosy backdrop.

The concrete columns and beams seen throughout help to separate the apartment’s living spaces, giving it a laid-back air.

In the bedroom, the Fusion collection was used to create a dressing table. With its bold design and vivacious use of colour, it contrasts with the room’s classic appearance.

In contrast, in the main bathroom, stone and marble have been skilfully combined in the form of the Antal and Larsen collections.

In the words of the design studio, Goya Project is unique, innovative, bold and exclusive.

Special thanks:

Interior design: Eloisa Rosseto Interiores

Distributor: Mais Revestimentos Cerâmicos

Flooring and wall covering: Collection MDi Storm in colour Negro Natural

Bathroom: Collections MDi Antal  and MDi Larsen

Photographer: Vilhora

Furniture: FlorenseArtefacto y Breton

Lighting: Lustres IrieItens y Lumini

Curtains: Alamanda

Decoration: Archiforma

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