Holidays in Rio de Janeiro

Today on Inalcotrends we travel to one of the most famous cities in the world. The family that commissioned this project to interior designer Alexandre Cardim had chosen this house in Rio de Janeiro as their vacation town, but they wanted to make some modifications to feel more identified with the house.

The clients´ main demands were to integrate the family living spaces, in addition to redesigning and resizing the original plant. Comfort and elegance should be the connecting thread of the apartment.

In a 360-sqm area, Alexandre Cardim used the Touché Super Blanco-gris iSLIMM collection as the flooring throughout the home, enhancing the large amount of natural light that enters through the window that overlooks the sea while providing visual continuity to the entire home.

As for the distribution, the areas for family meetings were given the spotlight, with several rooms fully open where you can gather the guests and enjoy spectacular views of the sea. The rooms are distributed in 3 suites and a master suite, the latter also with sea views.

The contemporary style of the project with a minimalist touch contains artworks by renowned artists ‘Os Gêmeos’ and Carlos Cruz Diez, as well as pieces by Brazilian and international designers.

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