How to get your home ready for summer

With the arrival of summer, we all feel like going out, making plans for the great outdoors, going to the pool or the beach, travelling and so on. A lot of us also take advantage of the good weather to organize get-togethers with friends and family at home.

That’s why dressing up the home for summer is so essential. This involves numerous different factors, such as choosing the right furniture or surfaces for each and every room.

Whether you just have one home or another holiday home by the beach or in the mountains, you can choose from among the timeless designs of our MDi surfaces to dress it up in the style you most prefer. 

Fortunately, there are all kinds of interior design trends that are perfect for summer, such as Mediterranean looks: an unpretentious style that is never out of fashion. 

Wickerwork or wood furniture tends to be used with this design style, although wood can also be combined with cast iron. Soft-textured fabrics and items in navy blue both fit in well with Mediterranean looks.

Hotel Istoria in Greece. Petra collection by Inalco.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a more personal, one-of-a-kind style while still maintaining a summerlike feel, we’ll give you a few clues as to how to achieve this. 

To start with, natural materials are a must. Plant fibres, wood and organic fabrics bring an air of intimacy to living spaces, with a pure, natural, unostentatious charm

Don’t forget that ‘more is less’. If unfussy, minimalist living spaces are more your thing, then make this maxim your motto and apply it to both the furniture and to the décor. 

Holiday homes must clearly be functional, so opt for furniture with a simple design for living spaces with an airy, welcoming feel. 

Hotel Istoria in Greece. Petra collection by Inalco.
Hotel Istoria in Greece. Petra collection by Inalco.

Lastly, white will always be a winner. This is a colour synonymous with summer, and one key way of transforming your home into a holiday oasis is to use it in different living spaces and in the décor.

Now that you’ve learnt the secret of how to get your home ready for summer, we’d like to suggest which MDi collections to use in combination with the rest of the home. If you opt for earthy shades, then you can choose from Ananda, Petra or Pacific Blanco. If, on the other hand, an ultra-white surface fits in better, then one of our pure white surfaces, such as  Silk Blanco or Ice, is probably your best bet.

Don’t forget that you can discover the rest of our collections at and find the surface best suited to your project. 

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