Innovation, sustainability and naturalness, key trends to the houses of the future

Sustainability, new technologies and naturalness are the three main concepts highlighted by the latest studies on what the houses of the future will be like. 

Many of these key trends have been developing over the last few seasons, but from now on they will become more important, even essential. One of these trends is the application of new technologies and internet-connected objects at home. 

Smart devices and cutting-edge technologies applied to everyday tasks are on the rise, such as intelligent lighting or heating systems, furniture that integrates technology and design, such as kitchens with invisible induction, and so on. In short, we are in search of a home full of innovation

In terms of materials, those with a natural look, feel and colour are guaranteed to be successful in the homes of the future. The trend is still in line with the search for harmony with nature, in colours, fabrics and materials. Our MDi surfaces are not only presented as a very natural-looking material, but also produced under strict environmental standards. Sustainability and innovation go hand in hand. 

Sustainability will be a must in the very near future. Architecture and interior design must contribute to the development of responsible practices that respect the environment and allow society to move towards a better world, both in terms of materials, furniture, intelligent systems and everyday habits. That is why at Inalco we have developed our own policy: Ecoinalco

As we mentioned in previous posts, the versatility of spaces is also reaffirmed as a trend for the houses of the future. Rooms that can be used as offices, leisure and rest areas, etc., will be preferred. 

In addition, and in relation to the search for the naturalness, there will be a tendency for certain rooms such as the living room or kitchen to merge with outdoor spaces; our terraces and gardens will be increasingly integrated into the home. This trend also includes an increase in the use of indigenous plants and natural materials both inside and outside the home.

Sustainable innovation, home automation and naturalness are the three concepts that could perfectly define the home of the future. And, moreover, of an increasingly near future.

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