Design’s transformative potential or how to humanize a hospital

When we think about hospitals, we don’t normally associate design with them. Neither do we imagine them as being warm, cosy places. In fact, almost anyone you ask will tell you that hospitals are cold, impersonal buildings where no one feels like being. 

Sometimes, however, the impossible happens. Sometimes there really is a true belief in the capacity of interior design to alter people’s state of mind, and projects take shape like the one presented today in Inalcotrends.

This clinic is a hospital unlike any other. Instead of being cheerless and cold, it is a place where design is all important even though it still features all the different areas fundamental to medical facilities. Thanks to the mix of materials, colours and textures, the designer furniture, and the works of art, an atmosphere has been created more in keeping with the reception of a deluxe hotel. 

Touché, a collection with a strong timeless appeal, transmits all the purity and luminosity that are needed for a project of this kind, combined with an added delicacy and elegance seldom ever seen in normal hospitals. 

From a technical point of view, because Touché has a high resistance to impacts and abrasion and it is easy to care for, it is ideal for floors subject to constant pedestrian traffic where numerous heavy objects are dragged across them.

What’s more, Inalco surfaces are hygienic and they prevent the spread of bacteria, making them the perfect choice for this kind of building. 

This project is a clear example of design’s amazing transformative potential, showing the impact it can have on spaces and even on our lives. 

Special thanks:

Architecture Studio: YK Architects

Distributor: Mody

Photography: Gideon Levin

Marble worker: Electra Danko

Furniture: Waxman

Lighting: Regent

Carpentry: Bonsai

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