iBASINS or how to choose the perfect washbasin

Renovating your bathroom has never been easier! Whether you’re planning to revamp it completely or just to give it a facelift, today in Inalcotrends we suggest a design feature that is bound to make your bathroom triumph. 

Hydra 60 x 43 cm Storm Negro Natural
Hydra 60 x 43 cm Storm Negro Natural

We know that choosing the right washbasin for your bathroom is no easy task. All kinds of factors are involved, like the model and colour or the size and layout of the room where it will go. 

For this reason, Inalco’s iBASINS range offers an extensive variety of options, with differing models, sizes and finishes. 

Hydra W/T 60 x 43 cm Larsen Super Blanco-Gris Natural
Hydra 117 x 43 cm Silk Camel Natural

What’s more, these washbasins come with the assurance of all the high-performance properties of MDi materials, not just in terms of their quality and design but also in their resistance and hygiene. This makes them an unbeatable choice for places like bathrooms where cleanliness is a top priority. 

The basins stand out for their elegant, modern design, and if you combine them with MDi surfaces from thesame collection on the walls, floors and furniture, a striking all-round look can be achieved. 

Shown below are a few ideas to inspire you in the design of the bathroom of your dreams. 

Hydra W/T 60 x 43 cm Petra Crema Abujardado
Hydra W/T 60 x 43 cm Larsen Super Blanco-Gris Natural
Hydra W/T 117 x 43 cm Senda Gris Natural

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