The advantages of choosing Inalco products for your projects (Part II)

We recently talked about the technical advantages of Inalco’s surfaces. Today we will see how they contribute aesthetically and why you should include them in your next project.

Lightness: thanks to its 4, 6, 12 or 20 mm thickness the iSLIMM and iTOP surfaces are lighter than other materials, making their transport and laying easier.

Bye bye joints: with formats such as 100 x 100, 150 x 150, 100 x 250 or 150 x 300 cm, the joints are reduced and a greater visual continuity and harmony are achieved.

Wide color palette: Inalco chromatic range is composed of elegant, sober and timeless tones that range from the purest white to the absolute black and will fit in any architectural or interior design project.

Shower with Iseo Gris bush-hammered collection

Reinventing nature: many of the designs are inspired by nature itself but go beyond, improving it and offering a unique, exclusive product with high added value.

Latest technology: Inalco is the first company in the world that develops and manufactures its product with 100% digital technologies and with water-based inks (H2O FULL DIGITAL), allowing for the creation of collections with an extraordinary resolution , as well as being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Full design: thanks to this innovative production process, Inalco has managed to create a product in which the design begins inside, allowing the aesthetic continuity between the body and the surface of the piece.

iBASINS: with the launching of these exempt washbasins in 5 different finishes, we have expanded the possibilities of our own product and offer a tool for architects and interior designers to create projects where visual harmony is key.

iBasins modelo Hydra 117 x 43 cm

iGASTRO: Inalco’s range of hospitality tableware can be used on its own or combined with the rest to get the most out of it, being able to design foorings, coatings, furniture and accessories with the same product.

iGastro in Capriccio Ristorante, by Giuliana Germiniasi Michelin star chef

Versatility: thanks to all these characteristics, the Inalco product is characterized by being one of the most versatile on the market, being able to be used not only in floors or walls, but also to create dining tables, kitchens, furniture fronts or any element that fit in our project. Let your imagination fly!

Living room table with Azalai iTOP Countertops collection
Molteni Dada kitchen with Vint iTOP Countertops collection
Floor and wardrobe fronts with Petra iSLIMM and Petra iTOP Fronts collections
Integrity chimney with Iseo iSLIMM collection

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