We collaborate with Boffi|DePadova in the extension of our showroom

We know that these are difficult times, but even so we believe that the best thing for everyone is to carry on and to continue to innovate and keep the world turning. 

It is this philosophy that led us to extend our showroom, a project that we have been working on for the last few months. This is where our latest products will be featured and even new ones yet to be launched. 

In this new area, you can see creations of all kinds made with our MDi collections: wall and floor surfaces, living room tables, doors, washbasins, kitchens and more. As always, you can also find items of furniture or décor by top international names from the architecture and interior design worlds. 

Our bid to continue innovating and to offer all-round service with high added value to customers is what has led us to collaborate with our partner Boffi|DePadova during this recent extension work. 

The prestigious Italian firm is a leader in the creation of integrated interior design solutions with the emphasis on modern, chic sophistication. Its philosophy, which is closely in tune with our brand identity, is to create unique, long-lasting designs conspicuous for their superior quality. 

In our new showroom, a new living-dining area was therefore created featuring a spectacular kitchen by Boffi, designed with an MDi surface.

This exclusive setting, which stands out for its strong timeless appeal, is yet another example of collaborative initiatives between Inalco and Boffi, two companies at the forefront of great innovations with a shared desire to excel in the services they offer. 

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