Inalco Citizens: Giuseppe Bavuso

Giuseppe Bavuso is an Italian architect and designer who for almost 30 years, has collaborated as a designer and art director for some of the furniture sector’s leading companies. His work stands out particularly for the application of innovations and new technologies, with designs that give priority to people. During his extensive career, he has been singled out to receive awards for his designs for top Italian brands. Today on Inalco Citizens we interview this eminent designer who use iTOP FRONTS and iTOP COUNTERTOPS to clad furniture by designer brands as well-known as Ernestomeda or Rimadesio.

When and how started your passion for design?

Even when I was very young, my toys were handmade ones with a creative twist to them. I grew up, making things like that, and I chose to be a designer so that I could bring about changes to our surroundings by influencing tastes and habits, never assuming or taking anything for granted, but always continuing along an almost natural pathway whose beginning had already been traced.

Was there any turning point in your career?

Mine is a coherent pathway that I embarked on long ago, with simplicity, elegance and attention to detail as values that influence my work and my inner world, because they represent a real perception of life.

How many people form your team? Are they a multidisciplinary team?

A dozen collaborators, a very close-knit multidisciplinary team. We have worked together for a long time, collaborating with certain companies that have entrusted us with the hole art mqanagement process, taking charge of all the creative work from the design of collections through to the communication stage”.

ICON kitchen designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda. Collections: Petra iTOP FRONTS (4 mm) and Petra iTOP COUNTERTOPS (12 mm)
ICON kitchen details, designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Ernestomeda. Collection: Petra iTOP FRONTS (4 mm)

How ideas are turned into reality? What is your creative process?

Ideas can be brought to reality if, as well as creative potential, a designer has the necessary know-how and technical skills to transform a concept into a specific object. As I specialize in industrial design, summing up what the company in question represents is always my starting point. A certain approach to design is then used to filter and metabolize this information, based on cultural references and a stylistic code.

What are your most important sources of inspiration?

My approach to my work is always to prioritize people and not the project as an end in itself, so observation of reality is my main source of inspiration. Generally, my inspiration comes from people, observation of changing lifestyles and the relationship between people and their constantly evolving immediate surroundings.

For you, what characteristics should a good design have?

Good design can be defined as everything that helps to improve the quality of our lives. It should take into account the virtues of materials, improve on their technical and visual characteristics and be elegant, minimalist and not at all showy. Good design should be conceived to be long lasting and not just a fleeting fashion.

What made you choose iTOP Fronts by Inalco for the furniture sector?

iTOP Fronts is a fascinating range. Thanks to its specific technical characteristics and the innovative technology used to produce these large formats with such a slimline thickness and low weight, can be used in the world of design with autority, with its own nicho and originality. Is a non porous material, very resistant and easy to use, this is why they will no doubt find more and more potential applications in the design world.

MOON door designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio. Collection: Petra iTOP FRONTS (4 mm)
MOON door designed by Giuseppe Bavuso for Rimadesio. Collection: Petra iTOP FRONTS (4 mm)

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