Inalco collaborates with the UPV at Solar Decathlon Europe

Inalco colabora con la UPV en el Solar Decathlon Europe

Azalea, a team from Valencia Polytechnic University (UPV), recently took part in Solar Decathlon Europe (SDE) 21/22 , held in the German city of Wuppertal. This is an  international inter-university competition in which, this year, students were invited to design and develop a model for an efficient, sustainable home.

Escalà’ is the adaptable, scalable, sustainable home that Azalea entered in this edition of the SDE. It is an open space, ensuring improved ventilation and more natural light  in the home. It is also a highly versatile concept, since the home can be adapted to meet the needs of each particular family and their spatial requirements. 

The whole project stands out for its sustainability, both in its design and in the materials used in its construction and also due to its energy efficiency. 

Inalco also wished to take part in the project as part of its contribution and commitment to society, and to continue collaborating with the UPV as it did in 2019 with the ‘La Barraca’ project, designed with Pacific Blanco.

For this year’s entry, the Ananda and Jasper MDi collections were used on the terrace in order to create a restful area that links the home to its exteriors. 

Azalea were awarded three well-deserved prizes for this project: first prize for innovation, third prize for architecture and another third prize in the engineering and construction category. Our most sincere congratulations! 

Lastly, after the competition was over, ‘Escalà’ was selected to take part in Living Lab and so the prototype will remain in Germany for 3 years to be tested by the SDE.

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