Feelings: the concept behind Inalco Design Days 2022 


How do you feel when you’re at home? I bet some of your answers are: “calm, comfortable, safe and inspired”. This is exactly what we wanted our partners to feel during their visit to Inalco Design Days 2022. We aspired to make each and every one of them feel totally at home at Inalco, kindling a sense of belonging and confidence in Inalco. 

FEELINGS” was the overarching concept behind the event, used to convey a sensation of homeliness, security and forward-looking vision to clients. A perfect parallel was drawn between feeling totally at ease and the assurance of working with Inalco: a family firm with over 20 years’ experience innovating. 

“Inalco Design Days” was held in our main showroom from September 20th to 23rd. At the event, clients could find heaps of inspirationuseful solutions for projects of differing kinds, seven new MDi collections (soon to be presented), new technologies and much, much more. 


Like our ground-breaking surfaces, Inalco Design Days 2022 has revolutionized the architecture, interior design, fashion and furniture sectors. Clients from all over the world gathered at our showroom to enjoy design days brimming with excitement and innovation.

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