Inalco Gastrolab carried out showcookings at Cersaie 2018

Inalco GastroLab, our laboratory of creativity and innovation at the Cersaie Trade Fair, surprised the professionals who visited us thanks to the style of the new iTOP surfaces and the haute cuisine workshops that one-Michelin-star Italian chef Giuliana Germiniasi carried out during the event. Today we want to show you the photo report of these showcookings, as well as the surprising and tasty creations she made, a true treasure for the senses.

In a space where pure innovation could be breathed, Chef Giuliana Germiniasi and her team carried out three events in which they brought the most traditional cuisine of Lago di Garda, such as risottos, pastas and other fresh products, offering visitors a sensory experience born from creativity and passion for a job well done. Qualities that we at Inalco share and that made Giuliana the perfect partner for our presentation.

GastroLab´s most outstanding element was the spectacular 12-meter-long island designed with a Syros iTOP countertop, on which the chef made all his elaborations, from cutting and manipulating food, to its preparation and plating. Attendees were able to observe 100% of the process, testing the performance of the iTOP countertop, as hot utensils were placed on it and ingredients were cut on it, demonstrating its easy maintenance and unalterable surface.

Another highly valued element was the complete functionality of the kitchen, which had the latest technological appliances integrated as well as a comfortable sink made with the same Syros iTOP surface.

Chef Germiniasi´s creations were true artworks, and were presented on different Inalco collections that highlighted the beauty of each plate. We are going to whet your appetite with these tasty preparations, thanking once again all the professions that shared this experience with us.

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