The highlights of 2021: a year brimming with innovations for Inalco

Another year is about to end, giving way to a new one that’s bound to be filled with excitement, design ideas, projects, and, above all, new innovations.

Before we bid farewell to 2021, we’d like to highlight some of the major landmarks in the past 365 days for Inalco. 

We started the year talking about Inalco’s achievements in the field of sustainability. Thanks to our environmental policy, encapsulated in Ecoinalco, we’ve eliminated all the plastic from our packaging for shipped goods and we’ve replaced the supports used for our MDi iTOP slabs with other longer lasting ones. What’s more, as we recently pointed out, we now recycle 95% of all MDreject materials, a ground-breaking achievement in the sector.

During the year, we also kept you up to date with the latest salient news about our products. In addition to showing you our newly launched collections in the MDrange, we also informed you that our 20mm-thick iTOP surfaces had been extended to encompass a total of 10 different models.

One of the most important events over the past months had to be the long-awaited opening of our Milan showroom, an exquisite space in the heart of the city known as Inalco Gallery Milano, where architects and designers can revel in everything that Inalco has to offer in an experience second to none.

And let’s not forget all the projects we presented so lovingly to you. They ranged from Aeonic, a deluxe boutique hotel whose interiors have been designed in idyllic style, to Morning Breeze, a spectacular project by Monica Armani that highlights all the magnetism and appeal of Inalco’s surfaces since it features an exclusive SSC collection, purpose designed for the project. 

Hotel Aeonic. Iseo by Inalco collection.
Morning Breeze. Custom SSC development for the project.

Last but not least, we outlined some of the possible applications of MDi, for instance for basins, shower trays, open-plan kitchens, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, wardrobes and swimming poolsOnce again, we demonstrated the amazing versatility of MDi in the design and creation of any project whatsoever. 

With all this, we bid farewell to a superb year brimming with innovations. We hope that 2022 brings us new successes.

Happy New Year!

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