Inalco collaborates with World Design Capital Valencia 2022

Today, in Inalcotrends, we would like to make an important announcement that once again reaffirms Inalco’s role as a trailblazer in development, innovation and design: the recent establishment of an alliance with World Design Capital Valencia 2022.

This initiative, which will transform the city of Valencia into an international reference point in the fields of design and innovation, has been promoted by the World Design Organization (WDO) in collaboration with the Associació València Capital del Disseny. 

With the announcement that Valencia had been named the World Design Capital, a new historic milestone was reached, not just for Valencia’s design sector but also for Spanish design, since it is the first time that a Spanish city has been granted this prestigious title, awarded every two years by the WDO. 

World Design Capital Valencia 2022’s programme of events encompasses all walks of design, including spatial, service, industrial and architectural design. All these activities will be coordinated to fit in with the city’s cultural calendar of events so as to boost its focus on design and make the activities as accessible as possible to the public. 

Hence, from January through to December, each month will have an umbrella theme that covers four different types of events: exhibitions, conferences, workshops and talks. During the said months, as an official sponsor of World Design Capital Valencia 2022, Inalco will have an innovative space in the centre of the city. This close collaboration will no doubt have important outcomes for both parties. 

In the words of the organizers of this initiative, “World Design Capital 2022 aims to promote the Valencia’s design activities and to highlight this creative sector’s high quality standards, transforming it into a driving force behind social change and urban innovation. Our intention is to trigger a series of initiatives that take design forward into the future, beyond 2022, creating a legacy able to break new ground and to act as key strength for the social fabric of Spain and Valencia”.

For further information about the programme of events for March, just visit the website of WCDV 2022. We will also keep you informed of all the joint activities we organize so that you can make the most of them. 

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