Originality and versatility in interior design with MDi

As you are already aware, one of the best things about MDi is its outstanding versatility. Not just because its various thicknesses make it ideal for use on floors, walls and worktops, but also because MDi can also be a great decorative element in its own right. 

Discover everything you didn’t know about the innovative MDi surfaces and their versatility: 

MDi as a decorative feature

Be bold and include unique decorative features in your home that will add a personal and eye-catching touch, which will also team up to perfect with other materials such as wood or natural elements – like these decorative columns that make a great base for vases, designed with the Atalaia collection. 


The importance of these items in our homes should never be overlooked: apart from being practical, they must also be attractive and complement the rest of the interior design. Maintaining a balance of colours and materials is easy when you have the opportunity to create your table from the same materials as the rest of your home. 

What’s more, MDi is suitable for use with indoor and outdoor tables, as the technical characteristics of this material guarantee its superb resistance

Kitchen accessories

iGASTRO is Inalco’s special product range that will surprise and delight your guests, turning you into a truly stylish host. Differentiation, design and resistance are concepts that define to perfection this collection made of MDi

Auxiliary furniture

These are items that confer a sense of harmony: they are decorative, functional and also provide a sense of visual balance to any space. You can choose from lightweight designs that will spotlight other items or collections with a bolder personality, turning your furniture into an authentic focal point. 

What’s more, if you’re looking for sustainability, remember that MDi is created in accordance the strictest environmental standards. Renew your home with these original and elegant décor ideas. 

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