Interior design trends for the autumn-winter season


At the Salone del Mobile Milano, last June, we were offered an insight into some trends for the coming season (and coming years) because some trends make such an impact that their appeal never fades, as is the case of minimalism or sustainability.

Today, in Inalcotrends, we’ll take a look at some key trends in interior design for the autumn-winter season. Some of them are familiar trends, while others are new ones that will also make their presence felt through to 2023. 

A timeless new version of minimalism 

One trend that has been in vogue now for some time will undergo a slight metamorphosis. Minimalism is evolving into a timeless new version, characterized by gentle organic shapes and materials and other features evocative of nature, in either its more restful or wilder states. 

For instance, if you seek to create a setting with a more soothing feel, the Masai or Petra collections are absolutely ideal. If, on the other hand, you want to create a more dynamic one, then Storm or Balkan are the ones for you. 

In other words, the aim is to create a minimalist setting that still takes into account the personalities of its inhabitants. 

Emotional Luxury

With today’s growing interest in art and aesthetics, many people include highly original, eye-catching decorative features in the design of their homes. Luxury is now construed as something with a strong emotional impact, used to infuse interiors with personality in a bid to transform homes into unique living spaces. 


More sustainable styles

Sustainability is another must in interior design. This is a trend that’s here to stay and, year in year out, its popularity never wanes. In today’s homes, sustainability and comfort are more important than ever before. As we pointed out in previous blogs, a sustainable home is really possible: it’s just a case of using eco-friendly materials, like MDi, and of modifying your habits. 

More versatile spaces

If you want to take full advantage of your home and make it even more convenient, the in-thing is to combine various different living spaces. Good examples are open-plan kitchen/living areas or a combined living room and study. 

This mix is now a reality, not just in terms of design styles and colours but also in the different functions given to one same space. 

Lastly, neutral colours are still all the rage, together with other colours used to set living spaces apart or to lend them greater personality. Using bold textures to make a difference, combined with décor synonymous with the restful atmosphere that a home needs, is one way of achieving a perfect balance. 

Given our awareness, at Inalco, of the increasing importance of sustainability and timeless appeal in interior design, the designs of our MDi collections stand out for their unfading attraction and capacity to fit in with a wide range of styles. This goes hand in hand with a strict environmental policy.

Which of these trends would you opt for today in your home? 

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