316 m² of designer space in the Bulgarian capital

In the words of the studio behind this project, “There’s nothing absolutely new, but there is an endless amount of connections and relations between forms, materials and technologies that have not yet been made. Innovation means discovering them.” And this is precisely what this project by All.In Studio is about: combining materials, rooms and geometries to create an ultra-modern dwelling that is also a warm and homely space.

In terms of this mix, the sitting room is a case in point: the textiles used for the sofa and the easy chair; the brass details in the small tables; the wood cladding on the wall and our Iseo collection of porcelain floor tiles. The contrasting geometric forms are another striking feature: whilst the lamps and certain pieces of furniture are circular in shape, the wall boasts an eye-catching piece from our Storm Negro collection in the largest format: an impressive 150 x 300 cm rectangle. The customised shelving also continues the straight line theme.

Living room. Floor: Iseo collection. Large format surface on the wall: Storm Negro collection

The project also applies the increasingly popular trend of opening up the kitchen to the living room, and again, geometry plays a key role in the overall effect. All.In Studio explains that the overall concept “is minimalistic, yet with an abundance of architectural décor”.The metal frame provides a vertical connection between the two levels of the house. The patterns follow the geometry of the roof pitch, as well as the raster of herringbone wood panels that clad the cabinets. The Iseo floor surface collection plays a key role in creating a visual connection between both rooms.

General view of kitchen zone. Floor: Iseo collection
Kithen zone with geometric details on ceiling and cabinets
Kithen zone with geometric details on metal frame and cabinets
Kitchen zone. Floor: Iseo collection. Table: Andreu World. Chairs: Pedralli

Despite the lack of a physical separation between the living room and kitchen, the fireplace acts as a symbolic division between the two spaces, although it has an even more important function “as an archetype of warmth and love within the home”. The graphite tone surround blends into the grey of the Iseo series, creating a kind of harmonious haven in which to read and relax for hours on end.

Reading zone. Floor: Iseo collection. Lamp: Flos

Venturing further into the home, we find that Inalco’s surfaces are a focal point of attention in the private areas. In line with the aesthetics of the rest of the home, the showers are clad entirely in the bush hammered Iseo Gris collection, whilst the bathrooms feature a mix of Storm Negro and Touché Super Blanco-gris.

This project by All.In Studio is an example of how a mix of materials, textures and colours really does work: “Harmony is achieved through the calm, quiet presence of stone, wood, copper and brass. The result is a space that is categorical, elusive and coherent yet at the same time visually stimulating”.

Shower with Iseo collection on walls, floor and ceiling
Bathroom. Left wall: Storm Negro collection. Floor: Iseo collection. Right wall: Touché collection

Special thanks:

Designers: All.In Studio

Distributor: Art Gres

Photographer: Dian Stanchev

Lighting: XAL, Sattler, FLOS, Tom Dixon

Table and chair on kithen zone: Andreu World and Pedralli

Furniture: designed by 3WORK Furniture

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